[xstreamos-devel] About the development status

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Hi, yes we have a recent distro, as of illumos march 2020, and we will update to latest to bring in important security patches.
We did not deliver any new iso because of very busy years, but we will asap.
Thanks for your interest, let me know if you need the new iso, we will do our best to make it available shortly.
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7 novembre 2020 5.22.37 CET
[xstreamos-devel] About the development status
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Dear Sonicle,
I see the latest ISO is from 2017.
May I know if there's any new ISO with some new packages and new features from OmniOS or SmartOS?
Do you think if there's plan to add more packages from FreeBSD or Linux distro?
It would be good if you can provide a development roadmap for review.
Thanks and Best Regards,
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