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Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at sonicle.com
Mon Dec 23 09:56:24 CET 2013

Hi, about the video drivers problem, laptops are often a big bet, you may need to play with the
bios to let it show its hardware differently. AFAIK the last resort should be a bare vga driver.
You will not have hardware-managed graphics, but it works fine anyway.
Does OI work on them?
About AI and SunRay, I have personally no expertise on them, maybe someone else on the list
can help?
BTW, please use also the mailing list for this matters, as you may get more answers ;)
Eric Bautsch
Gabriele Bulfon
23 dicembre 2013 8.01.48 CET
Re: [discuss] XStream Desktop beta EA1
Hi again Gabriele.
Had a bit more of a play. Ended up scripting my finish script.
I had XStreamOS running in a virtual box without issues, so tried to    install it on bare metal. Unfortunately, what I have available is a    Lenovo T410 and a Toshiba Portege R700-194. Both of these failed    miserably on display drivers. I know the Lenovos are quite hit and    miss with display drivers anyway and I never tried the Toshiba with    anything before today (I sort of acquired these on long-term loan,    also know as, I got hold of them before they went into the crusher    because the staff that had them left).
Having installed XStreamOS, I then tried to install Sun Ray on them.    I had to work around a few things and eventually got stuck with the    Sun Ray software saying there were no displays available.
google searches didn't reveal anything (and I'm getting tired now).    I disabled lxdm as that was obviously complaining that it didn't    work. But I don't think this should prevent the Sun Ray software    from working.
Won't have a chance to have a look at this until probably about a    week's time now, but if you have any experience with Sun Ray    software, I would appreciate any insights you might have into why    XStreamOS wouldn't play nice with it...
(I suspect installing it on XStreamOS is probably illegal, I'm    currently calling it practising, but wouldn't want that on the    public internet, hence the private email).
Thanks again for all your efforts.
On 22/12/2013 07:59, Eric Bautsch      wrote:
Hi Gabriele.
Before I go playing around with this further....
What are my chances of getting this to work with a Solaris 11 AI      server? I.e. I use the bootable Solaris 11 AI to install XStreamOS      Desktop? What would the package be that I would need to install (I      checked and "entire" which it would be for Solaris isn't there, so      presumably it's something else, but there were several potential      candidates)?
Great work.
On 17/12/2013 22:19, Gabriele Bulfon        wrote:
anyone                  interested can download the first early access release                  of XStream Desktop, illumos based.
Please read the instructions for virtualized              environements (vbox an vmware):
We                  will be very pleased to receive any feedback, comments                  and/or requests you may provide,
by                  registering and using the mailing list stated at the                  end of the page.
We've                  been already told that the SF mailman is not exactly a                  good place.
We                  will be setting up our own installation of GNU mailman                  and notify about the change.
Feel                  free to suggest a different solution for this.
Next                  step, other than fixing and adding features, will be                  to publish the sources repository.
Hope                  you enjoy it!
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