[XStreamOS-discuss] [OpenIndiana-discuss] Sonicle XStreamOS repo and XStream Desktop in progress

Marion Hakanson hakansom at ohsu.edu
Wed May 15 19:39:22 CEST 2013

gbulfon at sonicle.com said:
> Hi everyone, at Sonicle we've almost finished rebuilding a brand new IPS repo
> with updated packages from latest illumos kernel, updated userland
> components, X11 1.13.1, updated pkg commands. We wanted to rebuild everything
> from available sources, to remove any possible dependency from old packages
> derived from OI. This repo will be available soon on our public
> pkg.sonicle.com/xstreamos publisher, then a pkg update will do the job over
> any previous XStreamOS installation. Then, I'd like to announce that we're
> also working on a Desktop version of XStreamOS. We've chosen, first, do
> deliver the LXDE desktop as a lightweight frontend. So we have already
> packaged all the gnome and other dependencies in our userland. The desktop
> already works, and is nice. To make it usable, we're packaging all the
> typical application one may need on a fresh install (file manager, text
> editor, calculator, terminal, and so on). We've also already packaged both
> Firefox 20.0.1 and Thunderbird 17.0.5, and they work great on illumos. We
> have plan to pre-package open-office or libre-office, pdf readers, media apps
> and so on. We would like your suggestions for what you would expect to have
> on a Desktop distro of XStreamOS. 

Glad to hear it, good work!

On my wish-list:  a stable release with a regular update/security-fix schedule,
similar to what we see from OmniOS on the server-centric side.



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