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Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Wed Jun 8 10:18:49 CEST 2016

Thanks to you Paolo.
The Thundebird spellchecker problem looks to be a never-ending issue : OI opted no to upgrade to latest, keeping older version.
The Firefox spellchecker works fine now, instead.
I'm still trying to figure out the problem with Thunderbird, though...anyone can help?
Paolo Marcheschi
xstreamos-discuss at lists.sonicle.com
8 giugno 2016 10.03.37 CEST
Re: [xstreamos-discuss] updated packages
Thank you for this great update I made today.
I tried the new firefox, thunderbird, audacity and filezilla.
They work fine except , I cannot make work the thunderbird      spellchecker.
It is great to have Audacity !
The upgrade process failed with the package manager.
Thank you
On 05/24/16 02:38 PM, Gabriele Bulfon      wrote:
here are some updated packages in the last couple of        months:
web/browser/firefox at 45.0.2
mail/thunderbird at 45.1
mail/thunderbird/plugin/thunderbird-lightning at 45.1
desktop/filezilla at 3.10.3
database/postgres/pgadmin at 1.22.1
audio/audacity at 2.1.2
media/vlc at 2.2.2
driver/fuse at 1.3
library/libfuse at 2.7.6
system/file-system/ntfsprogs at 2016.2.22
system/file-system/sshfs at 2.7
developer/build/automake-114 at 1.14
developer/debug/gdb at 7.10.1
install/distribution-constructor at 0.5.11
system/qemu/aqemu at 0.8.2
system/qemu/qtemu at 2.0
web/analytics/goaccess at 0.9.8
web/server/wok at 2.1.0
library/graphics/wxwidgets at 3.0.2
library/graphics/qt4 at 4.8.7
library/gnutls at 3.1.12
library/librlog at 1.4
library/hunspell/dictionary/en at 2016.1.19
library/python-2/cherrypy at 3.1.2
library/python-2/cherrypy-26 at 3.1.2
library/python-2/cherrypy-27 at 3.1.2
library/python-2/python-ldap at 2.4.17
library/python-2/python-ldap-26 at 2.4.17
library/python-2/python-ldap-27 at 2.4.17
library/python-3/cherrypy at 3.8.0
library/python-3/cherrypy-33 at 3.8.0
library/security/openssl at
library/security/openssl/compatibility/0.9.8 at 0.9.8
system/file-system/encfs at 1.8.1
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