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Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Wed Jun 8 18:46:43 CEST 2016

Thanks, this is what I actually stated: OI chose to keep an older thunderbird that has spellchecker running.
I already had a talk with Pyhalov about it, and sounds very hard to find the reason...
Actually we have a latest firefox with patches backported to latest thunderbird, so looks very strange that it doesn't work on tb but works on ff.
A nice help would be if anyone can help me to run a debugger usefully to catch the lines while spelling: I'm having hard times trying to let gdb detect and stop at the spellchecker lines (different threads, different source trees...).
Da: Predrag Ze?evi? - Unix Systems Administrator
A: xstreamos-discuss at lists.sonicle.com
Data: 8 giugno 2016 16.52.39 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [xstreamos-discuss] updated packages
On 06/ 8/16 10:18 AM, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
Thanks to you Paolo.
The Thundebird spellchecker problem looks to be a never-ending issue :
OI opted no to upgrade to latest, keeping older version.
The Firefox spellchecker works fine now, instead.
I'm still trying to figure out the problem with Thunderbird,
though...anyone can help?
I know this is NOT help,
but in OI (/hipster) spell checker IS working in thunderbird but NOT in
$ pkg list firefox thunderbird
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION
mail/thunderbird (openindiana.org)                38.8.0-2016.0.0.0
web/browser/firefox (openindiana.org)             45.0.2-2015.0.2.0
You might want to exchange info on openindiana-discuss at openindiana.org
mailing list.
*Da:* Paolo Marcheschi
*A:* xstreamos-discuss at lists.sonicle.com
*Data:* 8 giugno 2016 10.03.37 CEST
*Oggetto:* Re: [xstreamos-discuss] updated packages
Thank you for this great update I made today.
I tried the new firefox, thunderbird, audacity and filezilla.
They work fine except , I cannot make work the thunderbird spellchecker.
It is great to have Audacity !
The upgrade process failed with the package manager.
Thank you
On 05/24/16 02:38 PM, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
here are some updated packages in the last couple of months:
web/browser/firefox at 45.0.2
mail/thunderbird at 45.1
mail/thunderbird/plugin/thunderbird-lightning at 45.1
desktop/filezilla at 3.10.3
database/postgres/pgadmin at 1.22.1
audio/audacity at 2.1.2
media/vlc at 2.2.2
driver/fuse at 1.3
library/libfuse at 2.7.6
system/file-system/ntfsprogs at 2016.2.22
system/file-system/sshfs at 2.7
developer/build/automake-114 at 1.14
developer/debug/gdb at 7.10.1
install/distribution-constructor at 0.5.11
system/qemu/aqemu at 0.8.2
system/qemu/qtemu at 2.0
web/analytics/goaccess at 0.9.8
web/server/wok at 2.1.0
library/graphics/wxwidgets at 3.0.2
library/graphics/qt4 at 4.8.7
library/gnutls at 3.1.12
library/librlog at 1.4
library/hunspell/dictionary/en at 2016.1.19
library/python-2/cherrypy at 3.1.2
library/python-2/cherrypy-26 at 3.1.2
library/python-2/cherrypy-27 at 3.1.2
library/python-2/python-ldap at 2.4.17
library/python-2/python-ldap-26 at 2.4.17
library/python-2/python-ldap-27 at 2.4.17
library/python-3/cherrypy at 3.8.0
library/python-3/cherrypy-33 at 3.8.0
library/security/openssl at
library/security/openssl/compatibility/0.9.8 at 0.9.8
system/file-system/encfs at 1.8.1
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