[xstreamos-discuss] working packagemanager

Kees Nuyt k.nuyt at zonnet.nl
Mon Apr 10 20:51:23 CEST 2017

On Sun, 9 Apr 2017 23:41:19 +0200 (CEST), Gabriele Bulfon wrote:

> Hi, run a "pkg update" to get a working "packagemanager".
> Let me know of any issue.

Thanks Gabriele, you did an excellent job.

At first the display manager service failed to start.
I did a pkgrm / pkgadd of the VBoxGuestadditions (Sonicle
version) to get it working again.

The VBoxGuestadditions (both Oracle and Sonicle) appear to have
an unresolved dependency of SUNWiconv, but is does not cause any
major problems. Tested that with XStreamOS and Tribblix.

Thanks again!

Kees Nuyt

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