[xstreamos-discuss] solved: pkg problem

Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Tue Apr 11 08:44:13 CEST 2017

Get your update via packagemanager, or patch pkg as stated below to update manually.
This will fix the pkg problem, and patch packagemanager to work anyway.
Gabriele Bulfon
xstreamos-discuss at lists.sonicle.com
11 aprile 2017 8.04.57 CEST
[xstreamos-discuss] warning: pkg problem
Sorry, the latest update lets packagemanager run but shell pkg may fail.
While I solve this, you may patch this file:
row 1629, remove ",0" from the call:
self._li_recurse_status_output(done,0) becomes self._li_recurse_status_output(done)
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