[xstreamos-discuss] new ISO -XS 154

Carl Brunning carlb at cblinux.co.uk
Thu Jun 15 21:31:38 CEST 2017

When you going to release the new iso to the world
As I like to try the new stuff on a few machine at home


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I'm building the iso/usb files right now.
I will send a test download link for you to check asap.



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When will the new ISO for XStreamOS 154 be released. I have two installs of XS 153(in VirtualBox with sonicle extensions installed),one being beta3 and the other May-2015 release which I am unable to update due to package conflicts during pkg update.

For the beta3 install, the packages header-math,sendmail,gcc-44 and ftp cause conflicting actions. I have successfully uninstalled header-math and sendmail. But I cannot uninstall ftp as that is dependent on the dhcp service package.If this is uninstalled I cannot configure/access internet via DHCP. I am using this OS as my personal Unix box.

Faced the same issues with May-2015 ISO install.



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