[xstreamos-discuss] xs153 pkg update issue

Jason Robinson json.robinson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 19:17:59 CET 2017

Hi Everyone,

First off, you have all done an outstanding work on this illumos
distribution and I wanted to give it a try, so I recently installed
XStreamOS Desktop and have been toying with the idea of switching to
this from OI-Hipster as my daily driver, however for the past three
days I am unable to get past trying to do a `pkg update`, I keep
getting messages regarding "file actions" and "multiple actions with
conflicting attributes".

I have been attempting to find information on this, however there is
either not a lot of information on this or I am looking in the wrong
places. The closest I have come is Gabriele mentioning in an archived
mail that:

"The current iso installer at SF has some issues during pkg update,
because of some important updates we made during 2015, so you will
need some help from me to update, running a couple of pkg commands to
get to the latest update version.
We will be publishing a new iso 2016 shortly with all updated to
latest packages, and solving the 2015 issue.
You decide if you want to wait the 2016 iso or run a couple of
commands after installing 2015 iso :)

I am seeking assistance on how to overcome this hurdle, what are the
pkg commands that I need to run?

Thank you in advance

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