[xstreamos-discuss] Released pkg repo update 154.1

Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Wed Mar 29 08:49:48 CEST 2017

the update has been finally published to the release pkg repo.
You should be able to "pkg update" and receive a whole new XStreamOS and/or Desktop version.
A new iso/usb installer is on the way.
- illumos kernel as of November 2016, with updated drivers and core components
- new pkg5 components
- add gcc-49
- updated many userland tools and libs (binutils, sqlite3, libsmbclient, chrpath, gnutls and many more)
- brand new X11, rebuilt from scratch based on a new fully owned userland-like source repo, moving away from Oracle X11 repo.
- new lightdm with updated login screen and vnc login support
- new cairo-dock
- new firefox
- new thunderbird
- new brasero
- new vlc
- new gnome-terminal fixing old scrollback bugs, with added debian patch to support transparency
- added optional nautilus file manager with basic zfs/snap support
- many minor library updates
- many component rebuilt against the new libs (filezilla, libreoffice, evince, tigervnc)
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