[xstreamos-discuss] XStreamOS Desktop beta2 switch from beta1 iso

Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Tue Apr 8 19:36:42 CEST 2014

yes, some of the userland packages need update.
we're so busy with the desktop gate, that userland is a bit late ;)
we will take care of it soon.
I'll check for the packages you mention and take care of them.
Some answers:
a) I don't think it will work to upgrade from OI, kernel and package deps are different
b) what are you actually interested in of the sfe and sfe/encumbered?
c) once we've got a final release, updates will be frequent. Actually the beta2 is update
frequently also today, but it's a beta :)
Thanks for the support!
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Data: 3 aprile 2014 12.21.14 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [xstreamos-discuss] XStreamOS Desktop beta2 switch from beta1 iso
On 03/26/14 10:25 AM, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
The following instructions will allow you to install the current beta1 iso, then switch to the beta2
for testing the new features and corrections.
This will allow us to receive your inputs and have the beta2 iso contain all that is requested.
- Download and install the beta1 iso
- Run package manager and do a full update from the original preconfigured beta repo
- Restart the system
- Add the new repo "http://pkg.sonicle.com/xstreamos-beta2/" to the sonicle.com publisher
- Remove the old repo "http://pkg.sonicle.com/xstreamos-beta/" from the sonicle.com publisher
- For VBox installations: before next step, be sure to remove vbox additions, the new update will have an update Xorg.
- Do a full update
- For VBox installations: install additions from this http://xstream.sonicle.com/beta2/VBoxGuestAdditions-XStreamDesktop-beta2.iso
- Restart the system
- Original beta1 iso did not require gvfs, so this is not installed during update, use next step for this
- To enable VFS urls on file manager, install pkg://sonicle.com/library/gnome/gvfs and verify you have pkg:/service/network/samba
for smb urls
pkg searches may not work from time to time, when we are updating/adding packages to the repo.
If you need to search and it's not working, just send an email here, and we will run a rebuild.
Hi all,
I have just did all steps and can confirm that it had worked like a charm (all done in VBox guest) :-)
Was playing only a bit, but it looks OK (plenty of window managers available), Mozilla: latest FF and TB bit behind, VLC, LibreOffice.
But MySQL like product bit oldish:
$ pkg list | grep -iE "mysql|percona|maria"
database/mysql-51/library                         5.1.37-         i--
library/apr-util-14/dbd-mysql                     1.4.1-          i--
Also Apache/PHP, etc:
apache-22 and php-52/php-53 are bit outdated, postgres too
And I would like to see more useful packages:
roxterm, terminator and tmux, shmux, pdsh, postfix, etc....
Integrated openldap/kerberos5/openssh (plus k5start) - complete list is huge.
But it looks promising and very nice.
I also have few questions:
a) does anyone know if I can move from OI to XS (just replacing publisher will work)?
b) is it planned to port some changes from OI /sfe and /sfe-encumbered repositories? Or using something similar to get more nice
c) what would be future cycle of updates?
Many thanks for great guide and even greater work.
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