[xstreamos-discuss] auto snapshot what used

Carl Brunning carlb at cblinux.co.uk
Sun Sep 25 12:46:08 CEST 2016

znapzend is more  like Nexenta autosync that copy the snap to another server or
to another disk, I know it does the snapshot but I do not  need it to do more than that


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we have packaged znapzend on XStreamOS.
Please wait some days before trying to install, as we have the pkg server offline at the moment.
Hope I can bring it up again asap.


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Oggetto: [xstreamos-discuss] auto snapshot what used

What people using to do auto snapshots on this os

As I need to start doing snapshot but not sure what to use

Is there tools already for setup autosnaps if there is how do I use.

If not what scripts work well



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