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Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
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I can check MATE and build an XStreamOS package from sources, if you think it may be interesting for XSOS desktop.
I bet there is some incompatibility between the binary and the libraries we ship on XSOS.
Maybe you can find them using "ldd" on mate binaries and/or libraries.
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14 luglio 2017 12.15.06 CEST
Re: [xstreamos-discuss] [smartos-discuss] pkgsrc MATE install issue
Hi Jonathan,
>From what I know, XStreamOS is in many ways similar to OI Hipster. I am using XStreamOS on both VirtualBox in a Win 7 laptop and a bare metal install on desktop PC. The issues I reported both on the github repo (https://github.com/joyent/pkgsrc-legacy/issues/518)  and on this mailing list were for the desktop install of MATE 1.14 whereas in 2017Q2 it is MATE 1.18. Is your VM on virtualbox or something else? For my VirtualBox install, I followed the instructions given in the below link(under section "Installation on VirtualBox"):
I dont use pkgsrc on the VirtualBox install.On my desktop PC I will install MATE 1.18 ,check on the issues you have mentioned and comeback to you with my findings.
I have successfully setup pkgsrc XFCE,KDE 3.5 and WindowMaker on my desktop PC, all of this on 2016Q4. XFCE needed some post-install configuration to make panel changes permanent. I did try KDE 4 on both 2016Q4 and 2017Q1 but on both occasions the plasma setup screen appears and then a message "KWin is unstable" message pops up presenting an option of KWin or Openbox. If i choose OpenBox instead of KWin I get a black screen. Was there any postinstall configuration you did on OmniOS to get KDE4 running? It does not matter if some of the steps are OmniOS specific, I'll try to adapt them to XStreamOS.
Since I like KDE very much and could not get KDE4 to run, installed KDE 3.5 instead.
A big thanks to you and the joyent team for providing this vast package set, combined with the native package sets of the distros, makes illumos on par with BSD and linux in terms of package/application choices.  I am including the XStreamOS discuss mailing list in my reply, so that other XStreamOS users too can benefit from this discussion and potentially contribute.
Thanks &Regards
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* On 2017-06-20 at 22:11 BST, karthik wrote:
When I do startx -- :1 MATE fails to startup. I am getting an error like this:
mate-settings-daemon:fatal:relocation error:file:
:symbol FAMOpen2:referenced symbol not found.
Hi karthik,
I installed XStreamOS in a VM to test our new 2017Q2 release, and I
don't see the same error as you.  However, there are some issues with
MATE on XStreamOS that I don't see on my OmniOS test host, for example
launching terminals from the Applications menu doesn't work while it
does if you run them manually.
I don't see similar issues with gnome-session or awesome etc, they all
seem to work fine.  I'm not sure what in XStreamOS would cause the
problems, you may have better insight into the differences it has
compared to OmniOS and others.
If you have time to dig into this that would be helpful, I think
2017Q2 will be a better base to work from as I fixed a bunch of issues
caused by bad Oracle upstream patches.  The 2017Q2 packages are
available from the usual place now:
and I'll send out a release announcement later today.
Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -
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